Mohammed Alser

Enabling intelligent genome analysis.

I am a Senior Researcher and Lecturer of bioinformatics and computer architecture at D-INFK and D-ITET, ETH Zürich.

My primary research incorporates several aspects of bioinformatics, metagenomics, computational genomics, and computer architecture. I am particularly interested in rethinking the complete compute stack, starting from the way we handle input data and algorithms, to the underlying hardware architecture for efficiently analyzing genomic data on existing and unconventional (e.g., non-von Neumann) computing technologies. I am focusing on incorporating efficient genomic analyses into clinical practice for rapid surveillance of disease outbreaks, diagnosis of genetic disorders, and identification of pathogens and microbiomes around us. I am interested in transforming ideas into innovation and providing consultation services to companies and communities. I closely advise and mentor several graduate and undergraduate students (>40 overall) at ETH Zürich, CMU, and Bilkent University.

I received several international awards for innovation and academic achievements. I received the ETH Zürich Exceptional Performance Award for two consecutive years, the IEEE Turkey Doctoral Dissertation Award, the Yasser Arafat award, the prestigious TÜBITAK doctoral fellowship, and the HiPEAC Collaboration Grant. I was named the Best Palestinian PhD Student in Turkey. I earned my PhD in Computer Engineering from Bilkent University, Turkey, where I work with Can Alkan and Onur Mutlu on my doctoral thesis, “Accelerating the Understanding of Life's Code Through Better Algorithms and Hardware Design”. I was previously working at ZarLab (UCLA), CfAED (TU Dresden), and PETRONAS.


Selected Publications